Steel Grade OVERVIEW

Here is the complete product overview of ABRAMS PREMIUM STEEL®.

52 different steel grades in the fields of tool steel, high speed steel, corrosion resistant steel, heat-treatable steel
and case hardening steel.
All of them are available in precision flat steel, precision round steel, €co-Präz® and black.

With just one click you can choose a steel grade in our product overview section.

1.2990 L6+QT 1.2361 P20+S        
O2 1.2709 ESR ~Chipper P20 420 ESR      
O1 S1 1.2358 1.2294 D3   316Ti  
1.2826 D6 H13 L2 L3   303  
6F7 D2 H13 ESR 1.2162 1045   304 4140
6F7 ESR 1.2367 H11 1.2099 1.0570 M2 1.4122 4140+QT
P20+Ni H10 H11 ESR 420FM Toolox 33 M3 440B 4820
L6 A2 1.2316 420 Toolox 44 M4 1.4034 5115