The ABRAMS STEEL GUIDE® - finding the perfect steel grade has never been easier!

Our registered application for smartphones (iPhone/android phones), tablets (iPad/android tablets) and web browser for PC (see www.steel-guide.eu) offers numerous advantages:

  • An overview of the commonly used steel grades, e.g. in the tool making, mould making, machine building and jig making industry!
  • Details on all our PREMIUM steel grades such as technical properties, chemical composition and typical applications!
  • A multi-dimensional selection of different steel properties, e.g. tensile strength, required working hardness, relevant working temperature, machinability, wear resistance, toughness or corrosion resistance!
  • You can modify the steel grades by different criteria!
  • A glossary of steel, alloy, heat treatment, etc.!
  • A list of specifications ABRAMS PREMIUM STEEL® delivers, e.g. flat steel, round steel, with / without machining allowance, etc.!
  • A Direct access to our ONLINE SHOP!

Just simply try the ABRAMS STEEL GUIDE®! 

Here is a short introduction video. Watch it and in a few minutes you will become a steel expert!

To make it easier to use the ABRAMS STEEL GUIDE® download the instruction manual in pdf form.